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Today I visited ZOOX @SiliconValley

Updated: May 22, 2021

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Google, Apple. Amazon, Facebook...

I had the opportunity to visit the centers of all these technology giants, which I started with CES in Las Vegas and concentrated in San Francisco after New York, during my two week American business trip. We have also come to San Franciaco through the award we have received and the international clean technologies (GCIP) award ceremony, which we have been entitled to participate, and we have attended a special tour and examined in Tesla's robotizing factory.

Today, with the invitation of my dear friend Sevgi, who is a product manager, I have seen Zoox's work environments closely. I don't know if you heard the name, but Zoox, which set out with the goal of producing autonomous taxi vehicles, was the most impressive among my last company visits. There is an important firewall in companies that develop hardware products in the Silicon Valley, and the ban on taking pictures inside is an important part of this. If you say what was so impressive, there is no commercialized product and final design, and it is the first thing that a fully equipped engineering and design team of 1000 people working for a single common purpose will work with the startup spirit.

There are so many limited number of technical people who can specialize in this particular field that we are talking about an ecosystem, where all the big companies are out of the automotive and software, like Nasa, equipped engineers in the aircraft and space sector. For this reason, it is so important to keep the employees under the roof of the company by satisfying the employees that even the caviar in the open buffet for lunch is a necessity of this special environment. The big companies like Google and Apple that I have heard in Silicon Valley in general are cumbersome and the employees are at a more routine and low energy pace. Zoox team is working hard to make the driverless vehicle of the future without losing that startup spirit yet. For this reason, although the $ 1 billion investment they have collected so far is less than half of the annual budget Google has devoted to its own autonomous driving initiative, Waymo, the Zoox passenger vehicle is at the very beginning of their full autonomy. As you know, as KODECO, we have the goal of developing and commercializing autonomous Shuttle vehicles in a campus, more specialized market and classification. FEV Turkey for more than two years of intense while working with major steps towards this goal threw the vehicle to produce alpha prototype, we performed his first test ride at the ITU campus. We are planning to produce the beta prototype soon. Although you have a strong future foresight and a strategic fiction that will take place in this competitive sector, you are left behind and you have lost your position.

This driving force is also very clear for every startup;

A strong financial investment!

The situation is very similar for an entrepreneur who has seen a market deficit on the horizon and determined his strategic course, just as an equipped seafarer opened up to blue waters could not show his talents. If Heleki aims to fold the oceans, he should be able to take the strong winds behind him and not wear out his shovel with his technical team.

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