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Automotive Industrial Transformation & Where Are We? #CES2020

Güncelleme tarihi: 28 Oca 2020

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While the world technology giants presented their newest products at the CES fair in Las Vegas, as the KODECO team, we also had the chance to present our work and vision to the managers of many international companies. TOGG Bey and CEO GurcanTurkoglu come together here in a very valuable work with our people from Turkey had the opportunity. After our high-paced CES experience, while I was waiting for the plane at the airport, I drew deep thought with the situation assessment. I would like to share with you;

With its century-old accumulation, we can say that the automotive industry is in a significant change and this dynamism is obvious even for those of us outside the industry. The share of electronic technologies in automotive R&D spending has increased year by year, and when the investments of autonomy and digital service software are added, the center of gravity of automotive technologies is rapidly shifting to digital technologies. For this reason, it should have happened that at CES, which is basically a consumer electronics fair, automotive companies started to show off in a magnificent way. By the way, it is necessary to think for the second time when we say automotive companies. Beyond the mind-borne American, German, Japanese car brands, information technology companies such as Apple and Google are now in this field. Even the electronics giant Sony has developed the new vehicle and introduced it magnificently at CES this year. Uber, which provides transportation services without any cars, and Lime samples, which offer a micro mobility solution with scooters, have passed the billion dollar valuation in a very short time, making them jealous of traditional automotive companies. Giant technology and digital service companies cooperate among themselves and launch new transportation products and services. Flying quadrokopter minibus concept developed by Hyundai and Uberin attracted great attention at CES this year. We see that startups, which come up with innovative product and business ideas, also have the support of technology giants, and that many products are the result of cooperation between sectors and disciplines.

So in which direction will this change take shape? How possible is it to make a consistent future prediction when setting strategic goals? My guess is that in the communications industry, similar to the rapid transformation in phones, the automotive industry will also be experienced. The first phase, electrification has already begun quickly. But the real transformation will happen when the cars gain connected and autonomy features. The only service they could offer was wireless audio communication when they got rid of the cables that limit their use. This feature, which we saw as a very important service at the time, is very small when compared to the rich communication, photo / video shooting, file management, games, social media, financial services and countless services offered by mobile phones. The mobile phone has turned into a hardware platform where many software runs and digital services are offered.

The cars will likely undergo a rapid transformation towards becoming a hardware platform, as we probably got used to in the next ten years. Well what does it mean? The mobile phone was also included in our lives as a remote voice communication tool for the first time, and now the cars are basically in our lives for the purpose of getting from A to B. But once the automotive industry has completed its transformation, it will be able to offer us more than just transportation. You can also think of it as a mobile working room with its own high communication infrastructure and rich interaction equipment, which comes to your location for a short period of time, or as a mobile dispenser with sensors that will have your health check with the same multi-functional equipment. So, when you really want to go from one place to another, how will you evaluate your free time during autonomous driving? Apple makes it clear that they aspire to sell services this time, albeit in line. For this reason, it is also directed to the automotive industry. It may not be correct to call this sector automotive anymore when it actually completes its transformation. It will be the new hybrid sector that will arise from the hybridization of the IT sector with its subjects such as machine learning, image processing and digital services, the electronic sector with 5G transmitters, sensors and interface screens, and the automotive sector with its areas of expertise such as design, materials and manufacturing.

So how can we get the right position to read this transformation from Turkey and are able to put forward long-term strategies for the future? How many of our companies are planning to perform their own shows in CES, even if not this year? Which of our electronic companies that say we are Dunya brand could establish similar cooperation between sectors? Which of our companies, which we consider among the biggest in communication and informatics, has witnessed the launch of a product that has been launched by a startup in the field of transportation? How many scale-up companies with billion dollar valuation horizons in the field of mobility have received an investment to provide driving force? With its entrepreneurial spirit, the KODECO team pursues its goal and love to be among the answers to all the questions I have listed above with its products and digital services that it aspires to present to the world in line with its vision and ten future views. In order for this ideal to be realized, I hope that the active player who has more and different qualities than our country will make a place in these answers. I wish we could make a lot more noise for our country in the next CES ...

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