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Azerbaijan Technical University Rector's Invitation & Visit

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I was in Baku yesterday as a special guest of Rector of Azerbaijan Technical University Prof. Vilayet Valiyev.

We participated with precious professor Prof.Dr. from Boğaziçi University to the #electromobility panel.

Azerbaijan has enormous economic potential with its energy resources and trained workforce. If today's rich resources are not directed and directed towards critical technologies and business ideas of the future, it may not be possible to establish today's well-being tomorrow. We should be able to create complementary collaborations with this understanding and the powerful motto "one nation, two states".

Why not create a good example of this with KODECO as part of #electromobility?

We have taken the first strong step in response with this cooperation. I am also very grateful to my honorable rector who opened the door of his house and offered hospitality at the warmth of the family. In addition to the unity of mind, it is not possible for everyone to be able to create an atmosphere of unity.

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